2013 ASX Announcements

December 31, 2013Completion of Private Placement & Allotment of Securities
December 23, 2013Binding Agreement to Undertake a Private Placement
December 19, 2013Change of Company Address
December 5, 2013Appointment of Non-Executive Director
November 14, 2013Outcome of AGM 13 November 2013
November 12, 2013Chairmans Address – AGM 13 November 2013
November 12, 2013Annual General Meeting Presentation
October 25, 2013Quarterly Report to September 30 2013
October 11, 2013Notice of Annual General Meeting
October 11, 2013Retirement of Dr. Geoffrey W Booth as Non-Executive Director
October 08, 2013Powell Exploration Licence Granted on New Britain Island, PNG
October 08, 2013First Payment Completed & Majority Ownership Restored
October 08, 2013Variation of Re-acquisition Agreement
October 02, 2013Sampling Program Commenced at Nakru-02
October 01, 2013Appointment of Non-Executive Director
September 24, 2013Annual Report Year Ended 30th June 2013
September 23, 2013Engagement of Mr Michael Erceg
September 16, 2013Transfer of Sale Shares
September 11, 2013Outcome of Sale Offer
September 02, 2013Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder
August 26, 2013Allotment of Shares to Eligible Shareholders and Underwriter
August 23, 2013BRR Media Broadcast – Coppermoly Financing and Asset Reacquisition to Proceed
August 23, 2013Despatch of Letter of Offer and Timetable for Sale Offer
August 21, 2013Outcome of Offer and Additional Opportunity to Acquire Shares
August 19, 2013Conceptual Mining Study for Nakru-01 Deposit Withdrawn
August 15, 2013Resignation of Shawn Uldridge
August 13, 2013Re-acquisition Agreement – Extension of Conditions Date
July 11, 2013Entitlement Offer Supplementary Prospectus
July 11, 2013Assay Results from Surface Sampling at Makmak EL2014
July 10, 2013Quarterly Report to June 30 2013
July 10, 2013Changes to Substantial Shareholders
July 08, 2013Finance News Network Interview with Managing Director
July 01, 2013Entitlement Offer to Ineligible Shareholders
July 01, 2013Entitlement Offer to Eligible Shareholders
June 26, 2013Lodgement of Prospectus
June 26, 2013Entitlement Issue Underwritten at Premium & Re-aquisition of Key Assets
June 19, 2013Changes to Substantial Shareholders
June 05, 2013West New Britain 3D Fly-Through Presentation
May 24, 2013Changes to Substantial Shareholders
May 20, 2013Appointment of New Chairman
April 29, 2013Quarterly Report & App 5B Cashflow Report to 31 March 2013
April 11, 2013Next Phase of Exploration Begins at Makmak
April 10, 2013Results of Extraordinary General Meeting
March 20, 2013Engagement of Dr Peter Crowhurst
March 07, 2013Calling of EGM – Wednesday 10th April 2013
March 04, 2013Cancellation of EGM and New Section 249D Notice
February 14, 2013Further High Grade Mineralisation Intersected at Nakru
February 7, 2013Confirmation and Clarification of Announcements
February 6, 2013Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
February 5, 2013Binding Cash Offer Received for West New Britain Project
February 4, 2013Applications Received For Private Placements
January 31, 2013Update – Section 249D Notice
January 31, 2013Appointment of New Managing Director
January 29, 2013Further High Iron Assay Results on Makmak Samples
January 24, 2013New Investors Bring Specialist Expertise & Strong Financial Backing
January 23, 2013Quarterly Report to 31 December 2012
January 22, 2013Convertible Note Deeds
January 18, 2013Changes to the Board of Directors
January 18, 2013Notice Received to Remove & Appoint Directors
January 15, 2013Drilling Program Completed by Barrick
January 9, 2013Private Placement & Allotment of Securities
January 7, 2013Assay Results Confirm IOCG Potential at Makmak

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